Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Black Ops 2 Perks LEAKED(Unofficial)

(This is the first proper article posted up on the blog so please comment if there is room for improvement which I am sure there will be)
So to start of many of you who do follow the call of duty community probably know about the leaked perks and I will provide a link to the actual article but I do want to point out some perks that I think are either fake or very unlikely to be put in the final game.

To start of,the perk that has caught my attention is spy.Basically what it does is you show up as an ally on the enemies radar and when you shoot you turn red like the normal enemy color. Firstly the effects of the perk are quite troubling.As it will just complicate the game and it is basically another deception perk(deception perks are basically perks like ghost and cold blooded where you deceive the enemy by not showing up on their minimap) and these perks and generally not well received by the community and is regarded by many as cheap or "noobish". The perk itself seems unlikely this will have no effect on hardcore mode(most if not all perks are geared towards ALL game types and is able to be used for any game type) as hardcore mode does not have the minimap and so rendering this perk useless.

The second one which by a huge number of people been regarded fake is escape artist and honestly I have to definitely agree with the majority.The effects?While prone you look like you are dead to the enemy.Even while reading that many of you have probably called it fake and yes I do agree with that as it seems unlikely that such a perk will go into the game.

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